Monday, October 24, 2005

Welcome Betsy!

As soon as the word got out that amynescu's Romania project was approved, her supportive friends called in with offers to assist in this new endeavour. Maybe it was their humanist spirit, or maybe a sense of adventure, but regardless of the reasons, amynescu gladly accepted their offers.

Betsy (lovingly called Boots) is the second friend, after sorinescu, to arrive in Romania to help with the documentary. Bootsenescu brings with her many years of experience in making films about social issues. Betsy is one of amynescu's best friends. They met while working as assistants on a Victor Nunez film, an exhausting ordeal that made them realize they could survive anything--even hauling camera equipment through rural Romania in the winter snow.

Betsy is shown here at an outdoor cafe in Cismigiu Park where we all went out to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and discuss the next step in our project.