Thursday, October 20, 2005

Albalux Luxury

We're pleased to find little remnants of times past in every corner of our apartment. One of them is the Albalux washing machine. Albalux is a brand of white goods made in Romania during the communist times. Sorinescu's mother had one just like it and she never quite warmed up to it. She preferred to wash clothes by hand. Now we know why.

The machine has two speeds: on and off. To empty it, we had to connect the tube to the drain, although, as amynescu observed, the machine would've drained on its own because it leaked so much. Needless to say, washing clothes with our Albalux machine was quite an adventure. The landlady was surprised we even attempted to use it, and she was so embarassed of it that she promised to get us a new one. A few days later we got our wish.
Step aside Albalux, here comes the Whirlpool!


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